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One of many signs that someting
special will happen.

The signs of the eclipse

Everywhere you could find posters, flags, T-Shirts, advertings and more saying something about the eclipse or using the eclipse as symbol.

For the tourism on the island it was a perfect timing: Carnival and eclipse within one week, ideal also for short-time-tourists (as I actually was with my one-week-stay).

Below you see one of the managers of the tourist-office. He explained me the plannings about the observation sites organized by the tourist-office. Best regards to Dino R. Daal from here, now 4 months after the eclipse!

Display shop-window

Dino R. Daal, one of the persons responsible that everything workes well in the hot week of carnival and eclipse

A poster with the contact times for
the villages of Curacao

01amstl.jpg (11098 Byte)
One of the most famous things on Curacao was the beer in a special "eclipse-can".(It's the  only beer in the world brewed out of desalted ocean water)

Advertising with eclipse

Seen in Westpunt

07wstpt.jpg (15136 Byte)
One of the signs in Westpunt the northern village of Curacao, closer to the central line than the others.


On the next page you will see a collection of T-Shirts showing ... well try to guess!