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Welcome to my eclipse pictures! The following pages are a bit "heavier" and may need more time for downloading. You will get a good impression how we observed the eclipse and maybe a bit what happens during totality.

My aim was to capture the eclipse as a whole event, including the rest of our holidays, and not only focusing on the corona around a black moon. Very good pictures about this you will find at the links in the "Exit".

So I took pictures free-hand with my camera, changing between just looking, filming and observing with my small telescope (at least I tried this...).
A second camera was fixed and filmed into direction where the moon shadow came from.


All pictures of this Website were taken with the new DMMV1 from Canon, an ideal combination of video camera and digital photo camera.

Oh no please not!
Feb 26th 9:30 am

Imagine it is eclipse day, finally.
You wake up in the morning, go on the terrace and look up: What's this? The sky is completely covered with dark clouds and on the floor you see, that it has even rained!


About 3 hours until the first contact and the clouds remained also the next      time.
We always had cumulus clouds during daytime and feared that also for the eclipse: A misplaced (or "well placed") cloud can already steal a minute of totality. But this here was not fair!

But see what happened...